Karis Community


I have had the privilege of working with Karis Community on their 35th annual Harvest for Hope gala which occurred at the Denver Athletic Club last night.  What a wonderful event, filled with grace and understanding for what this community truly creates for one another.

The mission of Karis is to provide a transitional community living opportunity for restoring basic life skills and improving the social well-being of individuals recovering from serious and persistent mental illness.

Thank you to everyone who supported this endeavor, and to all of you who donated to this cause!  A special thank you to all the vendors who donated on such short notice.  You make a difference for so many people.

Project Linus: Make a Difference, Make Blankets

Last Wednesday, I had the priviledge of meeting the founder of Project Linus, Karen Loucks Rinedollar, while getting together with a bunch of amazing women while she taught us how to make simple fleece blankets to give to traumatized or severely ill children. How inspiring- and what a fun evening we had, eating, drinking, laughing, and making blankets for an amazing cause.

Not only did we enjoy ourselves, we had something to give away in only a couple of hours. Please think of this the next time you are hosting an event, or watching a movie at home with idle hands…
Best of all, she is from the Denver area.

Check her out on Oprah and get involved!


Karen Loucks Rinedollar on Oprah


Saving Money on Drinks Over the Holiday Season

With the holiday season around the corner, this means holiday parties and having family and friends over.  Most people look forward to this time of year, yet it can wreak havoc on a budget.  So, here are some tips on how to save money on alcohol when you do have people over.

1)  Do not serve overly salty snacks and hors d’oeuvres.  Making your guest overly thirsty will only cause them to drink more of your $20 bottles of wine.

2)  Serve 1 signature drink.  It’s cheaper and if your signature drink ties into a theme,  your guests won’t even miss the beer and wine!

3)  Do not fill the glasses of your guests to the brim.  They tend to set their glasses down half full and forget which one is theirs, thus going back to the bar to fill up a new glass.

4)  On that note, find ways to mark the cups so that they know which ones are theirs and they’ll finish their drink to the last drop.  It can be inventive, use multicolored tags,  stickers, straws, markers that wash off…get creative.

5) Serve more inexpensive food for your guests to eat alongside their drinks.

6) If serving a full bar, have your mixers in plain sight.  If the guests know that there are options, they are more likely to mix their drinsk or go the non-alcoholic route.  And, do not forget the water!

I hope these put a few extra bucks in your wallet!  Maybe enough to save up for your new ipad ;).


Evergreen Wedding

Here’s a sneak peek into an early September wedding at the Evergreen Lake House, Colorado. What a beautiful venue, with a beautiful backdrop, and even a fisherman on the lake who decided he wanted to be in many of the pictures… Stay tuned for more pics of their lovely wedding by their wonderful photographer at From the Hip.
Jonathan and Jen,
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding. What an honor and a privilege it was to be there for all the magic and all the love present. Plus, I loved that you allowed me to help with some of the details. Love you guys!