An April Fools Wedding | Putting the FUN in FUNky at the Curtis Hotel, Denver

An April Fools Day wedding.  It’s not a day befitting just any wedding, but for this couple, it was perfect.  As planners, we often speak to our couples about creating a wedding that fits their personalities, where people will know when they walk into the ceremony or reception that it represents “them.”  And that is what this wedding was all about….it was so totally “Susi and Sam.”

Susi contacted me when her initial ceremony venue was closing and she needed to find a new art gallery to hold the wedding ceremony. (Not to worry, that post is in the works and she decided on the Space Gallery 😉 ).

Here’s what I knew coming into the wedding: purple, board games, whirly pops, and handmade crocheted mustaches (by the bride- yes, every SINGLE one).  So, we went with it- and had so much fun putting it together!  It’s not often we get to be silly for a wedding.

(When purchasing some of the items to make the centerpieces, the woman at the checkout counter made a comment about how exciting it is to plan a kids birthday party…when I told her it was for a wedding, she just stared…and insert awkward silence…And the best part, the bride loves this story!  Yup- we work with the best couples.)

What better venue than the Curtis Hotel in Denver, Colorado, with it’s themed floors, oversized Jenga game, and hula hoops all in house?  Amongst the games, the fun, the dancing, the eating, and the funky photo booth, what I remember the most was the toast by the father of the groom.  Two years later and I still remember how amazing it was…

I don’t know the exact words, but here’s the gist:

He spoke about how many speeches are made about how the groom is now ‘tied down’ to his ‘ol’ ball and chain’ – and its negative connotations,  but nobody speaks to the WONDER that is woman.  Yes, the wonder that is woman.  He then proceeded to give 3 wonderful ways being loved by a woman, being loved by his woman, has affected his life for the positive.

Chills, right?

So, on that note of love, what makes this post all the sweeter is that this couple just welcomed a new baby boy…so here’s to celebrating their love, their personalities, and their growing family.  Their son is one lucky boy to have these two as parents!


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Venue:  The Curtis Hotel

Formals location:  Denver Center of the Performing Arts Complex

Photographer:  Crystal Allen Photography  (2nd shooter Autumn Cutaia Photography)

Photo Booth: Bokeh Booth

Flowers:  The Perfect Petal

Cake and Cupcakes:  Happy Cakes

DJ:  A Music Plus

Wedding Planner:  Storytellers Events