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Planning any wedding is always tons of fun and always about the details. When it comes to theme weddings, the details become even more important. Today, I am going to talk about how to have a Hallowedding without taking a turn into tackyville.

It is very common for brides who choose to have a Halloween theme wedding to ask their guests to dress up in some sort of costume and it can quickly go from having a wedding to really just having a very expensive Halloween party with “I Do’s”.
So then, what do you to if you want a Halloween theme wedding and still want to keep it classic and traditional?


Wearing that white grown you have been dreaming about since you were a little girl and pairing it with a black calla lilies is a great way to go traditional with a Halloween feel. The bride above decided to add some black feathers as well, you could also add crystals or lace.


Adding a black or orange sash to your wedding dress is also a great way to take your white wedding dress from traditional to original. I also like the idea of adding black lace to your wedding dress as well to give it that elegant yet Halloween feel.

As I said before, details are so important when it comes to any theme wedding. Here are some ideas to consider for your own Hallowchic affair.


Attaching a black ribbon or lace and pairing it with a jewel of some sort it always a great detail that will give you that “wow” factor you are looking for. Jewel ideas could be anything from, as the photo above shows, the classic skull and cross bones to a old photo of a loved one, or even a black cat or pumpkin.

Halloween wedding pumpkins

No Halloween is ever complete without carving pumpkins; therefore, no Halloween theme wedding should be complete without one either. Placing them next to signs directing guests where to go is a very simply and creative way to have that halloween flair you want. You could even carve the pumpkins as a bonding moment with your flower girl, ring bearer, bridesmaids, or even your future hubby. Have fun with it. Number one rule in planning a wedding it is should always be F -U – N!

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The reception is where the most detail will be needed and the most spooky fun with be had. From blood red martinis paired with jelly worms or spiders, to a wedding cake that is to die for. Me being a sweetsaholic myself, the candy bar would be my personal favorite addition to any wedding and would be more then complimenting at a Halloween theme wedding. Giving the candies fun names is just another easy way to make your wedding unique.

For more inspirational ideas please visit our Pinterest and always feel free to contact us.


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