French Couple Elopes in New York City

I love this couple.  So much.  This is also my miracle couple…because miracles happened.  I know this wedding has been published a couple times, but here’s my version of the story ;)….

And next month will mark their 2 year wedding anniversary.

I first met Alex and Cyril- 12 years ago (has it been that long ?!?!?)- when they had me over for dinner when I was a Lectrice at the University of Lille.  We kept in touch- and they contacted me many years later to help them plan “their dream wedding in NYC.”   See, Alex loves the States – and I think her love has had to pass to Cyril, or else they may not stay married ;).  And they had always wanted to go to NYC- so why not get married there too?

Here’s the catch, she was in a wheelchair.  The doctors had told her she would not be able to walk again- and so we planned a wedding accordingly.  However, through the pain, from the time we planned the wedding and the time they flew to the US- she miraculously recovered.  She began to walk- first with a crutch- and then without.  To the point where the doctors told her for 1 day she could wear heels…so she did, Sarah Jessica Parker style.

She got married standing across from her love in the middle of Central Park, with a ceremony in both French and English- thanks to the amazing Rev. Peluso.

And they walked…in matching blue shoes, through NYC- from Central Park to Rockefeller Center to Times Square to Central Station- nothing could stop these two- holding hands through it all.  And their happiness is so apparent in the photos.  Their photographer, Christina Kiffney, was a pro at capturing their love- and with moving people aside and getting places very fast (I guess it helps she is a prior NYC / Colorado transplant!).

What I remember most were the cute things they wanted to do that we Americans take for granted…like they were adamant that they wanted to hail a taxi (and got so excited when they did), or they were awed by the elevators and how high and fast they went, or they had to take a picture in front of a police car (just like in the movies!), or cocktails overlooking Times Square, or planning and hearing about their 1st baseball game, or trying Root Beer for the first time (which they liked!- weird for Frenchies),  or had to get burgers at Shake Shack- on more than 1 occasion, and purchased Levi’s jeans- cheap.

So again, I just love these two.  Happy 2 year anniversary.  I feel so blessed to have experienced that weekend with you, and to continue to call you friends.  Gros Bisous- à la prochaine- en France- avec une tarte flambée.























Photographer: Christina Kiffney Photography

Event Planner: Storytellers Events

Bouquet: Ky Kampfeld

Hotel: Park Lane NY

Officiant:  Rev. R. M. Peluso

Tuxedo: 26 Down Street, France

Dress: DS Bridal Dresses, London

Jewelry: Something Jeweled

Makeup: SB Beauty

Sam & Ben’s Wedding at the Art Museum

Ok- these two may just be the cutest couple ever.  And what makes them so adorable is that they really are just such good and sweet and fun people. They may have gotten these qualities from their families- since we were secretly hoping they would adopt us throughout the course of the wedding planning.

And talk about rustic chic- the groom owns Fin Art, which means that wood was part of the wedding, all created by hand.

The venue they chose was spot on…the Denver Art Museum, with the ceremony in the Sculpture Garden and the reception in the Duncan Pavilion. Take a look for yourself.  Oh, and be sure to check out the centerpieces- our favorite so far!













Photography: Boyte Creative

Wedding Coordinator:  Storytellers Events

Ceremony and Reception: Denver Art Museum

Hotel:  Oxford Hotel

Flowers: Beet and Yarrow

Woodwork:   Fin Art

DJ: Matthew Brown

Chairs and Linens:  Allwell Rents

Kendra and Stefen Wedding

I love this couple.  That is the first thing that comes to mind when I see these photos and remember the day.  I just love this couple.  Talk about cute- and thoughtful- and generous- and in love.  These two have got it.

And their day was filled with such a warm feeling of love.

They celebrated at the wonderful Cielo at Castle Pines because they loved the openness of the reception hall- and that they could have the ceremony and the reception in one spot.  Fabulous choice.

What I remember most about he day is how adamant the groomsmen were about the placement and the timing of a pink stool during the ceremony- we had to practice even- because it was going to be a a surprise for the bride.  They even had an “act” worked out with the officiant, so when the time came “to kiss the bride” the groomsmen got the stool so that she could stand on it- and not feel so short- kissing her man.  (There’s a little height difference ;)).  AND they painted it in pink- her favorite color.  Yup- so much laughter that day.

We were honored that this wedding was featured in HERlife magazine thanks to the wonderful JM Photoart!  Thank you, Jenny, for capturing their day so wonderfully.





























Venue: Cielo at Castle Pines

Photographer:  JM Photoart

Photobooth:  Shutterbooth Denver

Rentals:  Event Rents

Caterer:  Footers Catering

Flowers:  Tracy the Florist

Desserts and Fun Chocolate Sculpture:  Whole Foods

A Barn Wedding in Longmont Colorado

Out of the Box, that is what this wedding was- and beautiful. Their ceremony was breathtakingly beautiful.  I remember seeing the bride that day and being stunned by her beauty and her calmness.

And then, the party started.. with the very ‘typical’ mechanical bull riding (yes, you read that right), corn hole, food trucks, a barn, and a popcorn bar.  Talk about having your guests feel at ease, and there was not a dull moment that evening.

You have to check it out!  And perhaps steal some of the ideas for yourself ;)…



























Venue: D-Barn

Ceremony Venue:  Chautauqua

Photographer/Videographer:  Ampersand Family Photography

Mechnanical Bull: Rocky Mountain Iron Bull

Food Trucks:  The Crock Spot and The Wandering Cow

DJ:  DAM Productions

Photobooth:  Sunny Memories

Transportation:  Premier Charter of Denver and Go Shuttle and Limousine