Groomsmen Gifts

Since I am on this gift kick, let’s continue with grooms gifts.

Too often I see groomsmen getting an engraved flask or engraved beer steins (or cuff links? really?).  I got it, it’s cool to drink and remember the good ol’ times, but unless you all somehow celebrated Oktoberfest in Munich together and it’s commemorative, it will most likely be used once and then collect dust.

Maybe it’s due to me recently moving (and still unpacking boxes) , I am in favor of gifts that will be used.  Often.

This being written, I think you will be hard pressed to find a man who does not like watches.  There are some great ones on or  You can cater these to their interest.  Wallstreet guy, swimmer, runner, clubber…there is a watch for him.

If you really want to engrave something, engrave a wallet/money clip.  This, hopefully, will get use every day.  Here’s one from

Now, here’s where I give props to my husband.  He came up with giving his groomsmen ipod shuffles (and yes, engraved with their nicknames).  They loved them.  And now, they are even more affordable.  One step up?  Get them the nano.


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