Storytellers Interview with Selah Photography

 Storytellers Events was given the opportunity to sit down and talk with a local Colorado wedding photographer, and soon to be bride,  Jackie Nuxoll.  Owner of Selah Photography, Nuxoll sees wedding pictures from a more artistic perspective in contrast to the classic bridal party posses.

“I am drawn to art,” Nuxoll explains.  Turning wedding photographs into fine art becomes more significant and creates a timeless piece for the couple.  Nuxoll is drawn to wedding photography because of the meaningful and emotional aspect each special day contains.

Nuxoll does not plan very many of her shots, most of them are improv.  “I look at the light and the background I have access to,” Nuxoll describes.   She also explained how she listens to the personalities of the couple to create custom and unique shots.  Every couple is different.  Nuxoll enjoys capturing those spontaneous moments.

About to walk down the aisle herself, Nuxoll has seen wedding preparations from both perspectives.  She has a few tips to share with future brides:

-It’s okay to not get your way.

-I am not a Bridezilla! If you say that, you are.

-Instead of asking for deals, ask if you can get less of the vendors services instead.

-Seek out vendor reviews.

-Don’t forget about you and your fiance’s relationship.

-Think outside the box.

-When stressing out about things, ask yourself if it really matters. If not, cut it.  Focus on the important things, ask yourself if it is fun.


-It’s okay if everyone isn’t involved.

In case you were wondering, the word ‘Selah’ is hebrew and used in the Book of Psalms.  It’s actual translation is a mystery, but mostly it means to look back, to stop and listen.  Nuxoll chose this word for the relationship it holds to her photography.

On the most important day of your life, how do you want to remember the moments?

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