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featuredonFWSWhen I first heard from Alex, I was ecstatic that she had reached out to me to help plan her wedding in NYC.

I then found out about her condition, and why they had chosen to get married and elope to NYC.  Originally, the plan was for them to have a big wedding in London, England, where Cyril proposed.  She was diagnosed with a rare condition that put her into a wheelchair shortly after the engagement.  They decided to postpone their wedding for years, hoping that she would be able to walk again. She could not bring herself to have a wedding with all her friends and family, where she was not able to dance with her new husband.

When the doctors predicted that she may never be able to walk again, and that she made a lot of progress by being able to walk in crutches, they decided to switch their plans.  They chose to elope and have a ceremony just for them, living the dream that they had.  And this became a wonderful wedding ceremony in New York City, followed by a reception in Lille, France.

The miracle is that between the time they had contacted me for help plan their wedding, and  the time they got married, SHE GOT BETTER.  She walked for her wedding, and even danced in Grand Central Station.

What you get to see here, is the elation they had when she began walking again, and they had to have an engagement shoot that focused on them walking and dancing through the streets of Lille, France.

AND, their inspirational story was featured on the French Wedding Style Blog :)!

Click here for the entire article and for their story in her words :)…

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20130731_158Miracles do happen…

Photography: Virginie M Photos 

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