Man’s Real Best Man – Ways to Incorporate Your Furry Friends into Your Wedding!

Being an animal lover myself, I personally could not imagine celebrating one of the happiest moments in my life without my pets right by my side. They are family too, aren’t they? So I have done some research and come across some very cute and easy ways to incorporate your flurry loved ones into the wedding festivities.


One of the easiest ways to incorporate your pet is when the wedding photos are being taken. It is normally easier to get that shot you are looking for with your four legged friend without them feeling too overwhelmed.


I am a cat owner myself, so when I stumbled across the picture above I became so excited that I was not the only crazy cat lady bride out there.

If you are feeling a bit more brave, or you just happen to be lucky and have a well behaved pup, you can always incorporate them as the ring bearer.


Or perhaps the idea of having your pet at your wedding makes you a bit nervous, don’t worry. You still can incorporate your canine friends into your wedding plans by including them in the Save the Date photo.

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Then again, why not just make them the Save the Date photo like the couple did below.


The Sky is the limit when it is your wedding, so have fun with it!





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