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If you have not already seen footage, Colorado has been hit with some major rain, and this rain has caused flooding in many of the most beautiful areas of the state including Boulder, Longmont, Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs (where I got married), and Estes Park.

Because of the severity of the floods, many wedding venues have had to cancel the weddings held at their venues this weekend (and possibly moving forward) because they are under water.  We have received several inquiries from wedding couples seeing if there are venues and vendors still available to ensure that the wedding “will go on”  (insert the tune to “The Show Must Go On” by Queen ;).  We have been working diligently to help these couples create their dream wedding under extreme circumstances.

As a result of these displacements, the wonderful people/vendors in the Colorado wedding industry have banned together to help, in the form of “Save my Colorado Wedding.”  We are here to help!  Let’s make the best of this rain, I mean, it does signify good luck and prosperity for the couples right?

trulife wedding umbrella

Please share this with anyone you know who may be affected and who would like our support.

Photo:  Trulife Studios

Putting FUN Back Into Cocktail Hour | Denver Wedding Planners | Storytellers Events

As wedding planners, we often get asked about how to keep the cocktail hour fun.  The cocktail hour is that awkward time of the wedding when the guests don’t know exactly what they should be doing and the wedding party is off taking pictures, which depending on different variables can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Therefore, brides tend to wonder what they can do to keep their guests entertained without them being there to entertain them.  Here are three (3) things you can do!

A.  Serve Food and Refreshments – People love to eat! Most guests are also hungry and thirsty by this time and ready for something to nibble and sip on. One fun way to put your own spin on this is by making the appetizers things that you and your new hubby really enjoy. Maybe they are mini hamburgers, or mini grilled cheese sandwiches, or even a fun cocktails that you and your mister invented yourselves.  Don’t be afraid to be creative.


B.  Cartoonist/Photobooth – Having a cartoonist at the wedding and/or a photobooth during the cocktail hour is always a easy and great way to entertain guests, plus you can always request a copy of each drawing/photo taken for your guest book or keep sakes!  Besides, the guests begin to loosen up and get goofy, which adds to the fun of the reception.


C.  Games!!! Games!!! Games!!! – There are so many indoor and outdoor games you can have for your wedding guests to play to help pass the time. Here are my personal top 3 favorites:

  • Giant Tic Tac Toe – This is the easiest one to execute and everyone knows how to play. You can set it up for either indoors or outdoors. Plus there is something about playing games in “giant form” that makes them that much more fun!
  • Giant Jenga – If you have been out at night in Denver, you may have noticed that this popular kid’s game is seen at local bars all around town. It is so loved by local bar goers that lines normally form to play with your friends. This is another easy game to execute and can also be set up either indoors or outdoors. To make it even more your own, you can put a special monogram or dialog on the playing blocks. I will definitely be having this one at my wedding.

As an added bonus, the Curtis Hotel in downtown Denver has both of these games in super size for their wedding couples to use on their big day :).

  • Cornhole – I love this one, not just because it is tons of fun, but also because you can put whatever image you want on the Cornhole boxes, or even the bean bags. This is more of an outdoor than indoor game, but still could make a very cute twist and addition to your wedding day!


Again, if you and your hubby like to do a certain activity, then chances are your wedding guests will too!  We have seen cocktail hour include a mechanical bull, magicians (classy ones), food trucks, and croquet (amongst others)….Have fun with it!

Thank you for reading and for more cocktail hour ideas please visit our Pinterest page and don’t forget to “Like” us on Facebook.

Until next time, happy wedding planning!


Invite? or Don’t Invite? That is the Question. | International Wedding Planners


One of the biggest challenges that many brides and grooms face is the  list. I am not talking about Santa’s naughty or nice list. I am talking about the wedding guest list! And being wedding planners, we get asked this all the time: Who do you invite and who do you not invite?

We all have those friends we were close with back in the day, but have not talked to in a million years, or that aunt and uncle who are technically family, but who you never see. Or even a teacher you had that connection with. Then there is that co-worker that is sort of a friend…

Good news… I found a chart below that just might help you decide exactly which friends and family to invite to your very special wedding day.

(Click on photo to enlarge for easy reading abilities)16200da52fa788e3d26cda9a680bb6ce

I hope that helped and when in doubt, remember it is YOUR wedding. So invite whomever your heart desires

….within your budget of course!


A Country Song Wedding- Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck

With country music being one of my favorite genres, I was excited when we (Storytellers Events) decided to do a styled weddings shoot based off of the popular song “Somethin’ ’bout a Truck” by Kip Moore. This Colorado wedding styled shoot was set to include every detail a real wedding would have: venue, catering, DJ, flowers, the whole works.  It had everything, but a bride and groom. After some thought, and going back and forth with the wonderful Ali and Garrett photography, we decided that it would be a fantastic idea to give a real wedding away to a deserving couple who loved country as much as we do!  And we found them!

The lucky couple, Sloane and Mitch, married one another on May 28th in true country fashion. The ceremony and reception took place outside, near Firestone, Colorado. The landscape was the perfect setting for a “country” wedding. Surrounded by water, trees, a dirt road (and even the bugs), picnic tables, wine barrels (thank you Allwell Rents), and country music, the couple sealed their vows. After the ceremony, the couple and their guests celebrated by doing line dances in their cowboy boots and swing dancing into the sunset. The unique country wedding was filled with whiskey bottles, hors d’oeuvres (fried chicken and grits), cowboy hats and lots of love.

Since the weddings theme was based off of “Somethin’ ’bout a Truck” we wanted to go along with the theme of country songs/lyrics. The bar was set up in the bed of a truck labeled, “you’ll be my glass of wine I’ll be your shot of whiskey,” the lyrics from Blake Shelton’s song “Honey Bee”.

The menu was also very important, and each item served had it’s own Country Song!  The amazing people at Elevated Catering made sure class and country came together deliciously.  To keep with the Whisky theme, we thought the chocolate whiskey bundt cakes provided by The Sugar Bakeshop (yup, the same ones who were featured on the Cooking Channel) would be perfect! Check it out below…

Aside from the bride and groom, the DJ is usually the hit of the wedding- after all it’s the DJ’s job to make sure the celebration is nothing less than a good time!  The DJ played a wide variety of country music- and we couldn’t resist the signage at his table saying, “You make my speakers go boom boom.”  Thanks Total Encore!

To add a personal touch, our amazing Suzanne created a unique guest book where she created a wood engraving of the couple’s name, and had the guests sign it.  She then created CD favors, where she included all of the songs of the wedding, including the ones used as inspiration for the tables, the bar, the menu, and the DJ table.  How fun!

The real wedding giveaway was such a blast and we loved everything about it! We could not have done it without all of the fabulous vendors! My personal favorite was the line dancing! Make sure to check out all the pictures from this fabulous day.



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Photography:  Ali and Garrett Photography

Wedding Planners:  Storytellers Events

Caterer:  Elevated Catering

Cakes:  Sugar Bakeshop

DJ:  Total Encore

Stylists:  Destination Stylists

Venue: Colder Weather Outfitters

Rentals:  Allwell Rents