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I think many couples consider planning a destination wedding- how romantic would it be to travel to a beautiful location with your closest friends and family to celebrate your union for longer than just a day?  Ideal, right?  Until you begin to think about the logistics…and we get it- there are a lot of them.

Among these logistics, there is the concern for cost- cost for the couple and cost for their guests, AND how do we pull it off?  Isn’t it tough? Who can we trust at the location?

I had these same fears when I considered planning my own destination wedding.  Which is where we came up with the idea to alleviate both of these concerns AND take care of all of the logistics by creating destination wedding packages.

We have (or will) handle all of the details (yes, we work directly with the vendors abroad).  You know the price up front, the packages includes everything from the time you arrive to the destination through the wedding day, you have various options to customize the wedding to fit EXACTLY what you want- AND you are working with 1 planner through the entire process, who you can meet and communicate with in person.  Hopefully allowing you to gain the confidence and the trust that a destination wedding is doable, that it will be what you envisioned, and that it is within your price range!

The Viterbo, Italy wedding package is an authentic, intimate, Italian wedding experience that is NOT available anywhere due to our amazing contacts (including the mayor- how can you beat that?).  It truly is one of Italy’s best kept secrets and starting in Rome you can explore a new region of Italy.  What makes this location unique is that you can get married in a private vineyard, or a courtyard, or a trattoria, or a church…you choose!  AND, you get to work one-on-one with a Pulitzer prize winning photographer.  Can’t beat that ;)!

This basic package begins in Rome and takes you to Viterbo- it is a 5 day wedding week that includes (and is not limited to):

– A welcome cocktail

– Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

– Ceremony (and it is possible to get married in the churches there- not so easy anywhere else in Italy)

– Reception venue

– Food and Drink

– Transportation for you and your guests (to and from Rome)

– 1/2 a day tour of Rome

– 1/2 a day tour of Viterbo and the surrounding areas

– Decor (for ceremony and reception)

– Flowers (for ceremony and reception)

– Cake

– Music

– Officiant

– Lodging for the couple

– Wedding planner for the 5 days

– Pulitzer prize winning photographer

All of this at the grand total price beginning at $25,000 (for 25 people).  Yup- many people in the business don’t believe it either :).  And I promise you, the service and the outcome will be one of beauty and elegance.  It is important for us to provide you with a product that is AMAZING and more than you expect- and we promise to deliver.

So, don’t hesitate to contact us to see if planning a destination wedding is for you.  We love the conversations and are happy to answer any and all questions you may have.  We have been doing this a long time, so you may as well use us ;).



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Lille, France Engagement Shoot | Destination Wedding | International Wedding Planner


featuredonFWSWhen I first heard from Alex, I was ecstatic that she had reached out to me to help plan her wedding in NYC.

I then found out about her condition, and why they had chosen to get married and elope to NYC.  Originally, the plan was for them to have a big wedding in London, England, where Cyril proposed.  She was diagnosed with a rare condition that put her into a wheelchair shortly after the engagement.  They decided to postpone their wedding for years, hoping that she would be able to walk again. She could not bring herself to have a wedding with all her friends and family, where she was not able to dance with her new husband.

When the doctors predicted that she may never be able to walk again, and that she made a lot of progress by being able to walk in crutches, they decided to switch their plans.  They chose to elope and have a ceremony just for them, living the dream that they had.  And this became a wonderful wedding ceremony in New York City, followed by a reception in Lille, France.

The miracle is that between the time they had contacted me for help plan their wedding, and  the time they got married, SHE GOT BETTER.  She walked for her wedding, and even danced in Grand Central Station.

What you get to see here, is the elation they had when she began walking again, and they had to have an engagement shoot that focused on them walking and dancing through the streets of Lille, France.

AND, their inspirational story was featured on the French Wedding Style Blog :)!

Click here for the entire article and for their story in her words :)…

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20130731_158Miracles do happen…

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