When Life Hands you Lemons….Make Centerpieces!

Love love love the idea of lemons and limes as centerpieces.  Place them in the vase of your choice, with or without flowers, with or without ribbon, sliced or whole…and you have a chic, elegant, affordable, and colorful focal point to any table.


pics found at the knot.com and marthastewart.com

Rustic Centerpieces and Favors

When holding an event in a beautiful setting, such as in the mountains, in a meadow, or on a farm, there is no need to be extravagant with your decor.  This is an area where you could save some money.  Many times, the extra flowers and sparkle may just deter from the beauty of the venue.

For centerpieces, I found this wonderful idea  for twig vases (thanks Martha Stewart).  It sounds a little strange, but the outcome is great!  So, for all your hikers, next time you are hiking away, pick up a bunch of twigs and create this rustic-chic vase.  Click here for the DIY instructions.

Another option using this same idea is to buy photo frames, glue on the twigs, and include a beautiful photo of the location to create unique favors for your guests.  This can be an inexpensive option for you that looks stylish (especially if you buy dollar frames from the dollar tree- hint hint), and will prove to be a memorable gift for your guests.

If you would like a more elegant option for your frame, here is a version using straw.  This is particularly appropriate if you are holding an event in a meadow or on a farm.  Who would have thought that twigs and straw would look so great with just a little glue and some extra attention?

Any other DIY ideas out there?

How Much Did These Flowers Cost?

If you know me at all, you know that I am a fan of saving money and good deals.  I will go out of my way to make sure I have the best price, much to the dismay of my husband who has learned to not get too embarrassed when I whip out my coupons.

However, a friend of mine recently showed me that I could still go further…dollar tree where have you been all my life?

My friend is getting married in September and she told me that she bought all her flowers at the dollar store.  Now, I’m thinking the worst and wondering how pretty can these fake flowers from a dollar store be (sorry Lisa).  Well- did she prove my thoughts wrong.



I had to see this for myself, and was pleasantly surprised.  She was able to create the bouquets, decor for ceremony and reception, centerpieces, and boutonnieres- all for under $250.  Amazing.  Even better, you can buy the vases, gem stones, wire cutters, flower tape, and ribbon- all for a buck!  Compared to the national average spent on flowers in a wedding, which is $1100 (and  I have seen up to $5000), it’s a darn good deal.

Of course I had to stop by the dollar tree to see this for myself.  Sure enough the flowers were there and in a variety of colors and color schemes!  Vases- check.  Gem stones- check.  Wire cutter- check.  Flower tape- check.  Ribbon- check check check.  So, now the dollar tree may just be my favorite store…

Not just for the flowers though…they have books for a dollar!  And binders!  And gift bags (personally, I have trouble spending $3.99 for a gift bag)!  And picture frames (this I am saving for another post)!

So, if you like DIY projects, you don’t mind fake flowers, and you want to save some major cash, check out the dollar tree for your flower needs.

I will give an update in September of these flowers in action…:).