EPA Denver Happy Hour Meet-and-Greet

Abby Gantz Three Tomatoes Catering


An awesome group of professionals in the event industry came out to the EPA Denver Happy Hour at the Downtown Tavern.  Cool people, networking, 2 for 1 drinks, and laughter…not bad for a Thursday evening.


Kim Nodurft


Dale Scott (pictured above), with the Virtue Institute, will be leading our next educational event on career and financial coaching.  Our goal with EPA Denver is to empower professionals in our industry to reach the next level in their businesses, and we do this through educational programs (with a focus on the business aspect of what we do), business support, and networking/community building programs- and of course, we love to have fun while we do it!

I feel super privileged to be the president of this amazing association that is up to making a difference for people.  I am also in love with our board (below).  Thank you to Abby, Michael, Kim, Jenna, and Natalie for being so committed to creating this with me.

And a big ‘thank you’ to Christina Kiffney Photography for capturing the evening.

Cielle President of EPA Denver