Rustic Centerpieces and Favors

When holding an event in a beautiful setting, such as in the mountains, in a meadow, or on a farm, there is no need to be extravagant with your decor.  This is an area where you could save some money.  Many times, the extra flowers and sparkle may just deter from the beauty of the venue.

For centerpieces, I found this wonderful idea  for twig vases (thanks Martha Stewart).  It sounds a little strange, but the outcome is great!  So, for all your hikers, next time you are hiking away, pick up a bunch of twigs and create this rustic-chic vase.  Click here for the DIY instructions.

Another option using this same idea is to buy photo frames, glue on the twigs, and include a beautiful photo of the location to create unique favors for your guests.  This can be an inexpensive option for you that looks stylish (especially if you buy dollar frames from the dollar tree- hint hint), and will prove to be a memorable gift for your guests.

If you would like a more elegant option for your frame, here is a version using straw.  This is particularly appropriate if you are holding an event in a meadow or on a farm.  Who would have thought that twigs and straw would look so great with just a little glue and some extra attention?

Any other DIY ideas out there?