Ryan Air

So, thanks to a great friend who is now traveling around Europe (thanks Carly), here is my first blog.  I figure it’s related to both my love of travel and my love of budgeting and saving money.

Ryan Air!

Ryan air is a super cheap way to travel Europe, cheaper than train and bus and car travel many times. It is not unusual to find a flight for 0 Euros and all you pay are the taxes.  The one thing to pay attention to though is that the airports tend to be further away from the city.  The Ryan air flights tend to leave from smaller airports that are more difficult to get to, many times requiring an additional bus, train, or taxi ride.  Be sure to budget this extra ride into your travel costs to see if it is worth it for you.

Things to know about Ryan Air:

1)  You will have to check-in online.  Make sure the email address you provide them at your reservation is correct, since they will send you an email where you will check in by entering in your passport information days before your trip.

2)  Do not forget to add how many check-in bags you will have to your shopping/reservation cart.  They are very particular about the size.  You are allowed 1 piece of cabin luggage with the maximum dimensions being 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm weighing 10 kg.

It is double the price to check your bags at the airport and you will get caught….(they have hawk eyes)!


Ryan air is not the only budget flight company in Europe, though it is the one I used most often.  You can also check Easy Jet and Flybe (great for travel to and from the UK).

— If you are wanting to plan a trip for a group of people, I would not suggest the Ryan Air route.  It can get complicated to manage for groups of people.  Instead, there are several transportation companies and major airlines with group flight fares that pride themselves in creating a stress free travel environment for your guests.  I can help you with this if this is what you are looking for. —