Holiday Travel – How to Avoid Being Stuck in the Snow

Traveling over the holidays can be stressful, even though most people love getting to their destination and the warm feelings that come with being with friends and family.  Hot chocolate and hot apple cider help too :).

So, to alleviate some stress that comes with flying (including not getting stuck in airports), here are some tips and tricks:

santa claus in a plane1)  Fly non-stop whenever possible.  (Especially over the holidays, saving a few bucks with a connection just doesn’t seem worth it where there’s too much at stake.)

2)  If you have to make a connection, make it through a southern city that rarely sees ice or snow (Phoenix instead of Minneapolis).

3)  Watch your layover times carefully. With tight connection times, weather delays may cause you to miss your next flight. A good rule of thumb is to have at least a 2 hour layover in the winter months.

4) Choose a morning flight, for two reasons:

  • Your flight is less likely to be affected by problems at other airports.
  • Your odds of getting on a different flight by the end of the day are greatly improved if your flight is cancelled or badly delayed.

5)  Do not wrap gifts (this is a tough one for me). Security will have you upwrap them whether they are in your carry-on or checked luggage.  Another option is to ship gifts ahead of time.  With having to pay for checked luggage now, this does not seem like a bad way to go.

6) The day before you fly: check in online, print boarding passes, and pay for checked luggage at your home or office.

7)  Want to try something new over the holidays?  Travel to Las Vegas or New Orleans over Christmas and Hannukah!  During these family friendly holidays, there are major airfare and lodging discounts.  Viva Las Vegas!

These are my tips- do you have any others to share?