Can a Parisian Bistro be Part of Your French Wedding?

Inspired by hearing Marley Majcher speak and by reading her book, she asks you to dream up of your ideal office.  Office? Do I really want to be cooped up in an office?

After days of trying to ‘figure it out,’ I got it-

Being in an apartment in Paris…hanging out with the family, music is playing, there’s some sort of dancing going on, the smell of espresso is in the air (it’s clean of course, which does not happen at my house very  often these days)… and when I get the urge to work, I walk downstairs to the corner bistro and sit at a table, with my coffee, une patisserie, and my laptop.  Done.  That is my dream office.  A Parisian Bistro.

I shared my revelation with my husband (we do live in Colorado and not Europe).   And he did not laugh it off as I expected…instead he got practical and said, “yes, we can remodel downstairs (the basement) to look like a Parisian bistro for your office.”

Hmmm…. “Or, we could have a place in Paris ;).”

My students (yes, I still teach a couple English Lit. classes at a university in the area-it’s in the blood) got a kick out of this when I somehow digressed and went on a tangent, which happens more often then I would like to admit.


Let’s fast forward to recently, and my amazing, most wonderful, good looking, and generous husband who is almost always right (yup, looking for some good karma here) got me a new macbook air for Christmas.  Who knew I could ever get so excited about a piece of technology? His incentive may have been to become a completely Apple filled household-  In any case, me = super excited.

Again, my students noticed my sleek new toy and one stated, “you have part 1 of your dream, now all you need is that apartment in Paris…”

I had totally forgotten that I had shared that with them, and that they remembered!  Even more so, that it could be true.  I had not related this laptop to being one step closer to my goal.  There may be something to this idea of vision boards…and sharing your visions/dreams/goals with other people (and I don’t think that voice in my head counts).

SO, here I am sharing it with all of you…in preparation that one day it will come true.

Here’s to moving one step closer.

Parisian bistro

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Don’t know what a wedding planner does? Is the only image that comes to mind, J. Lo. from the Wedding Planner movie?  You are not alone.

Many people come to me not quite sure what a wedding planner does, they just know that they are seeking some relief for their wedding day.

Therefore, we have put together a little educational video on what wedding planners support you with- including:

1)  Making the planning process and your wedding weekend as stress-free as possible.

2) Saving you money!  Yup.  And support with all budget related items.

3) Save you time.

4)  We keep you focused and excited about everything “wedding”- because sometimes, it is just a little overwhelming.

Watch the video for more:




International Wedding Planners – What Does That Mean?


What exactly does it mean to be an international wedding planner?

Click the video link below to get a brief synopsis of what we do here at Storytellers Events:


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