French Couple Elopes in New York City

I love this couple.  So much.  This is also my miracle couple…because miracles happened.  I know this wedding has been published a couple times, but here’s my version of the story ;)….

And next month will mark their 2 year wedding anniversary.

I first met Alex and Cyril- 12 years ago (has it been that long ?!?!?)- when they had me over for dinner when I was a Lectrice at the University of Lille.  We kept in touch- and they contacted me many years later to help them plan “their dream wedding in NYC.”   See, Alex loves the States – and I think her love has had to pass to Cyril, or else they may not stay married ;).  And they had always wanted to go to NYC- so why not get married there too?

Here’s the catch, she was in a wheelchair.  The doctors had told her she would not be able to walk again- and so we planned a wedding accordingly.  However, through the pain, from the time we planned the wedding and the time they flew to the US- she miraculously recovered.  She began to walk- first with a crutch- and then without.  To the point where the doctors told her for 1 day she could wear heels…so she did, Sarah Jessica Parker style.

She got married standing across from her love in the middle of Central Park, with a ceremony in both French and English- thanks to the amazing Rev. Peluso.

And they walked…in matching blue shoes, through NYC- from Central Park to Rockefeller Center to Times Square to Central Station- nothing could stop these two- holding hands through it all.  And their happiness is so apparent in the photos.  Their photographer, Christina Kiffney, was a pro at capturing their love- and with moving people aside and getting places very fast (I guess it helps she is a prior NYC / Colorado transplant!).

What I remember most were the cute things they wanted to do that we Americans take for granted…like they were adamant that they wanted to hail a taxi (and got so excited when they did), or they were awed by the elevators and how high and fast they went, or they had to take a picture in front of a police car (just like in the movies!), or cocktails overlooking Times Square, or planning and hearing about their 1st baseball game, or trying Root Beer for the first time (which they liked!- weird for Frenchies),  or had to get burgers at Shake Shack- on more than 1 occasion, and purchased Levi’s jeans- cheap.

So again, I just love these two.  Happy 2 year anniversary.  I feel so blessed to have experienced that weekend with you, and to continue to call you friends.  Gros Bisous- à la prochaine- en France- avec une tarte flambée.























Photographer: Christina Kiffney Photography

Event Planner: Storytellers Events

Bouquet: Ky Kampfeld

Hotel: Park Lane NY

Officiant:  Rev. R. M. Peluso

Tuxedo: 26 Down Street, France

Dress: DS Bridal Dresses, London

Jewelry: Something Jeweled

Makeup: SB Beauty