Invite? or Don’t Invite? That is the Question. | International Wedding Planners


One of the biggest challenges that many brides and grooms face is the ┬álist. I am not talking about Santa’s naughty or nice list. I am talking about the wedding guest list! And being wedding planners, we get asked this all the time: Who do you invite and who do you not invite?

We all have those friends we were close with back in the day, but have not talked to in a million years, or that aunt and uncle who are technically family, but who you never see. Or even a teacher you had that connection with. Then there is that co-worker that is sort of a friend…

Good news… I found a chart below that just might help you decide exactly which friends and family to invite to your very special wedding day.

(Click on photo to enlarge for easy reading abilities)16200da52fa788e3d26cda9a680bb6ce

I hope that helped and when in doubt, remember it is YOUR wedding. So invite whomever your heart desires

….within your budget of course!